Coalition of Nurses and Nursing Students for Supervised Injection Services

Supervised injection services (SIS) provide opportunities for nurses to engage in health promotion, prevention, harm reduction, primary care, relationship building, and client-centered care. These interventions are consistent with professional and ethical standards for nursing practice in Canada. They also fall within the legislated scope of practice of registered nurses.

In facilities that offer SIS, nurses work directly with clients by establishing a rapport, assessing their level of knowledge and understanding of potential harms associated with injection drug use, providing harm reduction education, ensuring access to clean supplies, preventing risky injection practices, monitoring for signs of drug overdose or anaphylaxis, and intervening in emergency situations. Nurses provide primary care to clients and act as a first point of contact with the health care system. Primary care services include immunization, point of care HIV testing, acute or chronic wound care, screening for sexually transmitted infections and blood-borne infections (Hepatitis C), and counselling. Based on their assessment, nurses can refer clients to addiction services (including opiate substitution treatment) and facilitate linkage to essential services (i.e. housing, income assistance, food support). In turn, this reduces the barriers people who use drugs face when trying to access these services.

The goal of the coalition is to bring together nurses and nursing students who support the full recognition and implementation of SIS as health care services for people who use drugs in Canada. By joining the coalition, you commit to:

1. Raising awareness on SIS among the nursing community and the general public

2. Advocating for the implementation of SIS as part of a harm reduction framework

3. Supporting the coalition by mobilizing support and participating in activities

This coalition builds on the Harm Reduction = Nursing Care Campaign. Please visit and like our Facebook page:

To contact the coalition:

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