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SYNAPSE serves as the University of Pennsylvania's premier multidisciplinary student run healthcare publication. We pride ourselves on maintaining a diverse focus, and we cover issues in healthcare, ranging from medical research and science & technology to behavioral health, health care economics and ethics.

Join us as we add new depth to SYNAPSE! The SYNAPSE Blog is a chance to contribute to the publication on a more flexible basis, while still having the benefit of publishing your original ideas.

The blog will consist of short articles published on our website, which we will promote via social media, to give our audience content throughout the semester. These articles will function as short tastes into interesting scientific topics, written in a more informal tone. If you are interested in writing for the blog, please fill out the following form!

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Please include a general description of the topic you wish to write about for your article. List at least four potential sources you will use to give background to the subject. If you wish to get approval for or feedback on your ideas before you begin your draft, you may. However, if you believe your idea is good and wish to expedite the process, please submit the first draft below.

Articles should be ~400 - 500 words, include references to your sources, and be written in an engaging, informal tone. Try to find a happy medium between The New York Times Science Section ( and Buzzfeed Science ( The article can highlight recent discoveries, synthesize information on a field, draw novel conclusions, present an opinion, anything! You will be contacted by an editor and likely use your third draft as the final version for submission.

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