Personal Story Questions
Below is list of questions for you to answer for your personal story, I then create your story with your responses and most times the couple hear it for the first time on the day! If you answer the questions separately and send your responses through, it is often interesting for me to see two different perspectives on how you met and fell in love, but the best part is seeing each other’s responses on what your love most about your partner. At times this is the way some deliver what they would like to say in personal vows but don't feel as though they could manage. It’s a way of still of communicating them to your partner in a public way, just spoken by me instead.
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Name of person completing the form
What is the name of your husband/wife to be?
How/ Where did you first meet or tell me about your first date?
Do you know if there was a moment when you knew you had fallen love?
Have you been through any adventures or achievements as a couple?
What are 5 things you love about your partner?
Do you have an interesting proposal story that you would like to share?
Tell me a little about what your family and friends mean to you?
What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
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