Dancin’ 4 Ever Friday Fun Night Registration and Waiver of Liability and Photo Release Acknowledgement
Please fill out the form below to give permission for your child to participate in a Dancin' 4 Ever Friday Fun Night. Thank you and we look forward to a fun night!
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My child is willing to adhere with the policies of Dancin' 4 Ever and I recognize that uncooperative or discourteous behavior may result in dismissal from participating. I understand that dancing instruction is a physical activity with inherent risks. I will not hold Dancin' 4 Ever, it's faculty, employees or location responsible for any injury or illness sustained. As legal guardian of the participant, I hereby agree to individually provide for the possible future medical expenses which may be incurred by the participant as a result of any injury sustained while being instructed or performing for Dancin’ 4 Ever.
Photo Release Acknowledgement *
I give my permission to the above named participant to use in any videotape or photograph taken during the birthday party in conjunction with publicity.
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