Scientific Permits Consulting
We are a new start-up focusing on bureaucratic agenda connected to scientific research! Our main goal is to effectively assist scientists worldwide to manage scientific permits connected to their research. We focus mainly on the regulations which arose from implementing Nagoya Protocol. Therefore, our services could be of interest to those scientists working with genetic resources from abroad.
To better understand the scientific community's needs, we would like to ask you to fill the following questionnaire. It will take you less than 5min.
Thank you very much for your time!
Is the topic of "scientific permits for genetic resources use" relevant for your research? *
How much are the regulations on access to genetic resources (Nagoya Protocol) affecting your research? *
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In the last 5 years, how many times did you solve a scientific permit? *
In which countries did you need the permit?
How did you solve your scientific permits?
In the light of your experience with the scientific permits agenda, would you pay someone else to solve the agenda for you?
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Imagine a service that would handle the agenda for you in half the time you would spend on it. How much would you pay for such a service? (per hour salary)
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