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If you were to learn additional skill, what would it be? *
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If you are told to do a research on 5 biggest ecommerce websites - what are the first 3 steps you would take to commence your research? *
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We are looking for people who are dedicated, moil and relentless. Please tell us what do you think the following words mean to you: 1 - Dedicated; 2- Moil; - Relentless
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We expect all of our interns to follow instructions. Are you willing to follow the set of instructions presented to you? *
If something isn't working for you, do you give up right away or you try to fix it?
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In 300-500 words, tell us in Af Soomaali why do you want to join SomaliBusiness? *
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There are a lot of opportunities available at for those people who are hard workers, relentless, follow instructions, want to be successful and make impact. Email communication is the key. We will contact you via email - so it's so crucial for you to check your emails and reply on timely manner. You will learn various skills during the internship period. Once you complete and pass the internship - you will be promoted and moved a higher position. *
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