MLP Forums Lead Developer Application
I'm looking for a talented developer, driven by the chance to use their skills to improve a large community of pony fans, to join the MLP Forums team! Your responsibilities will include:

- owning the tech story of MLP Forums: you'll be the point of contact for feature requests & bugfixes; will come up with ideas to improve the community with new tech; and will recruit other developers to help you out if needed
- selecting, configuring, and keeping third-party software up to date
- implementing custom themes, features, and bugfixes for the community's benefit
- as needed, escalating issues to the developers of IP.Board and other third-parties whose software we use, and working with them to reproduce and resolve issues
- build integrations with other Poniverse communities whenever the opportunity arises

MLP Forums is built on top of IP.Board/IPS Community Suite (, which is a forum software package based on PHP. We're looking for the following traits in a candidate:

- knowledge of Git, SSH, and basic *nix terminal skills (we version-control our code and you'll be watching over MLPF's Linux servers)
- knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, and CSS - or willingness to learn them
- willingness to take IP.Board by the horns, master its featureset and codebase, bend it into submission, and build great things for the community with it (check out their developer docs:

Any questions or concerns? Email me at!

**NOTE: Like all positions at Poniverse, this is a volunteer role, not a paying job.**

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