"The Age of Love" Community and Classroom Screening Application
Thank you for applying to host a screening of 'The Age of Love'. We're excited to be partnering with you! Please fill out the information below so that we can prepare materials to help you plan your event.
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Are you interested in learning more about hosting your own Senior Speed Dating Event?
Proposed Speed Dating Event Date
We recommend using the screening to announce the event, which is scheduled 3 - 4 weeks later.
Shipping Information
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Please specify if different from Organization Address. Note: a Classroom Screening is delivered via streaming link, so no Shipping Address is needed.
Format *
A Blu-ray provides a Hi-Definition picture and additional sound options, but requires a Blu-ray player. PLEASE MAKE SURE to provide us with the correct selection, as movie theaters often request a Blu-ray (though a DVD will work fine in all venues). If you're not sure right now, please leave a comment below, then let us know as soon as you can.
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