2021-2022 SAC Scholarship Application
Deadline: Sunday, January 30th at 11:59pm

Please note: You must be a full-time Ohio State University student and enroll in classes the following two semesters (Fall 2022 and Spring 2023) in order to be eligible for this scholarship. Regional campus students and international students are eligible to apply. Graduate students, graduating students, and incoming freshman are NOT eligible to apply.

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Please reach out to Caroline Smith at smith.12364@osu.edu with any questions.
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Essay Questions
Your response to each question should be 150-350 words. Please do not exceed 350 words.
Please do not put your name or any other identifying information in your responses to the questions.

Explain how a personal accomplishment, achievement, experience or life circumstance has helped shape your educational or career goals. *
How have your experiences and involvement at Ohio State contributed to your development as a leader outside of the classroom? Please highlight at least one specific example. *
How would you advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to someone who doesn’t understand its importance? *
The Ohio State University is known for its dedicated alumni. Beyond joining the Alumni Association, how do you plan on giving back to the Ohio State community after graduation? *
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