The museum in the COVID-19 era
Feedback from visitors on the visit to the Museo di Palazzo Grimani in the emergency period
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Did you visit museums or exibitions before the lockdown?
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If so, how many times a year?
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3. How many museums or exhibitions have you visited since theSpring 2020 lockdown ended?
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4. Did you know the Museum of Palazzo Grimani before the Spring 2020 lockdown?
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5. Do you follow web pages and social profiles of the Museum? You can give more that ore answer
From 1 to 10, how do you judge the Museum’s social communication and the published materials?
Bad /
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Do you have any comment about the Museum's social communication?
In compliance to the Covid protocols, did you find the visit to the Museum adequate from a pratical point of view?
In no way
Yes of course
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Which rule of the Covid protocols cause you the most trouble?
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Did you use the alternative tools for the visit prepared by the staff? you can give more than one answer
Did you choose by yourself any other information tools?
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If yes, which ones?
Can you provide us with comments and suggestions to improve the visit to the Museum?
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