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Releaf Survey for the African Diaspora
The Releaf Group (TRG) serves as a conduit of African Diaspora talent into businesses within Nigeria's Agriculture sector.

Please provide honest responses to each of the questions asked below as we seek to expand our initiative. For more information on Releaf, please utilize the following links:


A Little About You
Your answer
Reference Name:
The person who asked you to take this survey.
Your answer
Your answer
Affiliated Institution:
Univeristy, workplace, etc. Please write out the full name of the institution
Your answer
Please indicate the degree program you are currently enrolled in at the affiliated institution chosen above:
If not currently enrolled at a university, please select "Other" and state where you currently work.
Year of Graduation:
Which statement best describes your background?
How many times have you been to Nigeria?
I want to directly contribute to the development of Nigeria's private sector:
Not my mission in life
I am super interested/have already started
Please watch this video to learn about our model:
Have you heard of any initiatives or businesses similar to Releaf? If so, please list below.
Your answer
Do you have experience with Startups? If so, describe that experience and how you would apply it to Releaf.
Your answer
To what extent do you agree with the following statements:
I understand how Releaf plans to accomplish its mission.
Makes no sense
Extremely intuitive and effective
I believe Releaf's model can make significant impact in the Nigerian agri-sector.
Model won't work
Model could definitely work
I am confident that I have the skills that could translate to tangible contributions to Nigeria-based companies:
I couldn't be of help
I know I could make a difference
Which of the following factors would deter you from contributing to a Nigerian business:
(1: Not a deterrent at all, 5: Very strong deterrent)
Lack of time
Unfamiliarity with the market
Inability to offer any tangible skills
Fear that the company is illegitimate/419
Given the opportunity, I could spend ____ hours per week helping to drive Releaf’s mission.
Primary skill you would contribute:
Secondary skills you would contribute:
Please check all that TRULY apply. i.e. check "Software Development" if you would rate yourself a 6/10 and enjoying coding.
If I was in Releaf, I would be most interested in contributing to ___________ Releaf projects.
Are you interested in hearing more about Releaf? We promise not to spam you.
Would you be interested in doing a 10 minute favor for Releaf?
This favor will help spread news about Releaf WITHOUT requiring you to post anything.
Would you like to speak to a Releaf member about our organization?
How would you rate the length of this survey?
Was short and easy to fill out
Was way too long
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