Cezanne Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment Certification Quiz
Please read each question carefully before selecting your answers.
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1.) How much product will be used per treatment for the Cezanne Classic, Ultimate Blonde, and Express Treatments? *
2.) Which proprietary ingredient is derived from the silk worm and helps protect the hair, as well as acts as a bond for the natural keratin in the hair, by cementing the strands of keratin proteins together and is able to lock the hair into a smoother, straighter shape? *
3.) There are several statements below related to how Cezanne Classic, Ultimate Blonde, and Express Treatments work compared to formaldehyde-based treatments. Which is the FALSE statement? *
4.) Which is the correct statement about Glycolic Acid, which is one of the key ingredients in the Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatments? *
5.) Which of the below statements are true? *
6.) The Cezanne Classic Treatment lasts longer than most of the simple carbocysteine (amino acid) treatments that are currently available. *
7.) The Cezanne Classic, Ultimate Blonde, and Express Treatments are: *
8.) Which of the below statements about the Cezanne Classic, Ultimate Blonde and Express Treatments are true? *
9.) How many times do you need to dry the hair 100% when doing the Cezanne Classic or Ultimate Blonde Treatment? *
10.) Which of the below is TRUE regarding the Cezanne Classic Treatment? *
11.) How long will Cezanne Classic last? *
12.) What could be the reason why a treatment did not last as long as it should have on a particular client? *
13.) What are the vitamins and botanical extracts that are being infused into the hair? *
14.) There are several statements below related to fumes, tears and breathing issues that occur with some smoothing systems. Which is the CORRECT statement below for Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatments? *
15.) How soon can the client wash their hair, use styling products, go to the gym, or wear ponytails or clips? *
16.) Is it safe for pregnant women and children? *
17.) What is the correct statement about the final blow-dry before the flat ironing? *
18.) When doing the light rinse, which of the following statements is TRUE? *
19.) If too much treatment is left in the hair following the rinse, what can be expected? *
20.) Below are statements related to the flat iron step. Select the FALSE answer. *
21.) How long do you leave Classic and Express Keratin Treatments on the hair respectively? *
22.) How long do you leave Instant Frizz Eliminator on the hair before doing a light rinse? *
23.) What is the difference in the application when using Cezanne Express versus Cezanne Classic Treatment? *
24.) Why is it so important to do a meticulous blow-dry after you rinse the treatment from the hair? *
25.) With Cezanne Classic, what is the application step after you gently clarify the hair twice? *
26.) With Cezanne Instant Frizz Eliminator, what is the application step after you gently clarify the hair twice? *
27.) Which of the Cezanne Treatments is safe to give a haircut service during? *
28.) When would I use Express instead of Classic? *
29.) Why should you shake the bottle of treatment before EVERY treatment? *
30.) How long does Express typically last? *
31.) Which statement is FALSE about the temperature of the flat iron in relation to the results? *
32.) When would I use Instant Frizz Eliminator instead of Express? *
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