Airband "Evolution" 2018 Application
Tryouts are tentatively set for Jan. 23th & 25th (music, choreography, & costume should be ready)
Airband Shows are on Thursday Feb.8th at 6pm & Saturday Feb.10th at 7pm!
Name of Band *
Keep it appropriate please :)
Band Biography *
What the MCs will read before you perform! Can include info about band members, how the band started, where from, inspiration, etc. (can be true or fictional, but must be appropriate)
Song Title(s) & Artist(s) *
You can mix up to 3 songs, showing the evolution of an artist or band. For example, Michael Jackson as a young singer in the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson's Thriller, and finally, his last song. If you use "transitions" between the 3 songs, they cannot have any lyrics sung and be no more than 15 seconds long (otherwise it will be considered one of the 3 songs!).
Music Genres *
Please check all styles of music that will be included in your performance: (do not include transitions)
Total length of Performance *
Maximum is 5 minutes!
Name of Band Leader (with UID and phone number) *
Contact person for the whole group
Names of Other Band Members & UID numbers *
Maximum of 9 additional band members
Band Entry *
Choose which option your band would like to do. (as a whole, not each member)
All members of the band have at least a 2.0 GPA *
Any band members without a 2.0 GPA as of Feb.1st will not be allowed to perform!
I have reviewed all songs for content and they are school appropriate. *
No references to drugs, alcohol, violence, sex, or ANY bad language.
I understand that a band representative MUST be present at every meeting. *
I will provide a copy of my band's music and all song lyrics at try-outs. *
Music must be on a CD and all song lyrics must be printed.
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