BananaGaming Server Moderator
- All internal Discord chats are confidential and it is not allowed to share any information.
- You are not allowed to use our name to represent us to other companies/social communities (like Reddit/Steam/Twitter) to gain things, power or partnerships!
- You will not get paid and we do not accept money.
- Do not ask us to give moderator to your friends.

- Be happy and friendly, do not be grumpy towards users.
- When using the calladmin chat please type "claim" or anything to let us know you are on the case.
- Do not kick/ban users for personal reasons or to free slots.
- If you ban you must give an appropriate and accurate reason.
- It's not allowed to give you or anyone any type of advantage through commands or admin powers.
- Always gather evidence before banning (if you can). That way if a ban is protested we have proof (record a demo or make a screenshot). (REALLY IMPORTANT)
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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