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This application will help me to determine if one of my puppies is a good fit for you and your family. Your responses will help me take your requirements/needs and the needs of the puppy into consideration and enable me to make a placement that is right for both of you. Please answer the questions as completely as you can. A completed form must be submitted before arrangements will be made to meet any available puppies or for your name to be added to any of my waiting list. Thank you for your time and interest in one of my schnauzer puppies.

Please note: If you fill out this application, I expect that you are seriously interested in one of my schnauzer puppies and would be willing to wait for the right puppy. There can be a 4-6 month wait for my schnauzer puppies. If you are not willing to wait for the right puppy for your family and want a puppy NOW, please don't waste your time and mine by filling out this application. My pups are part of my family and I am only interested in placing them in homes where people take the responsibility seriously and aren't just looking for a puppy on a whim. Good things are worth waiting for!

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How did you hear about us? *
How did you hear about Miniature Schnauzers?
How many Miniature Schnauzers are you acquainted with?
What is your timeline for getting a schnauzer puppy?
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Is there a particular litter you are interested in?
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What gender do you prefer? *
Why do you prefer that gender?
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If there is no puppy of your desired gender available from the litter you are interested in, would you:
If you are waiting for a specific gender and that gender does not show up in the litter you are waitlisted for, you will not be contacted about the litter unless you select "I would be willing to consider a puppy of the opposite gender". If you are content to wait for a specific gender then please select "wait for the next available litter..."
Do you have a color preference for your new puppy? *
Please select your top 2 choices.
If there is no puppy available in the color you are interested in, would you:
If you select "consider a puppy of another color" then you will be contacted about any availale puppy from a litter even if it does not match your color preference indicated in the previous question. If you are willing to wait for a specific color then please select "wait for the next litter..."
Do you have a size preference? *
Please select your first choice of size
Sometimes I have "pick of the litter" puppies available for a reduced rate to families who are interested in partnering with me in my breeding program. Is this something you are interested in finding out more about?
This option is only available for families in the near Orlando and Central Florida area
More About You
What type of dwelling do you live in?
If you live in a condo or townhouse, are you permitted to have a dog?
Do you have a fenced back yard?
If yes, how high is the fence and what is it made of?
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How long have you lived at this address?
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If renting, please give name and address and phone # of your landlord
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What is your current occupation?
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What is the occupation of the other adult member(s) of your household?
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Who will be the primary caregiver?
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How many hours per day does the primary care giver work?
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Where will the puppy be kept during the night?
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Where will the puppy be kept during the day?
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How many hours per day ON AVERAGE will the puppy be left alone?
Will there be someone available to feed and exercise the puppy during the day?
Have you ever owned a dog before?
If you have owned a dog before, for how long and what type of dog?
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Do you have any other pets?
If you have other pets, what are they and how long have you had them?
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Do you currently own a dog? If yes, how much does your current dog weigh and what is its personality like?
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Do you have any children? If yes, what are their ages?
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Does anyone in your household have allergies to animals? If yes, to what and how severe?
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What do you expect the activity level of this breed to be?
What kind of floor surfaces will the dog be on in the house?
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How many hours a day will the puppy be kept outside?
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How will the puppy be confined when is outside?
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Have you ever house trained a dog before?
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Do you plan on attending any training classes with your puppy? If yes, at what age will you start?
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Are you interested in participating in any activities or competitions with your dog?
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Do you want a dog for breeding or for a pet?
Will your puppy be traveling with you? If yes, what distance(s) will you be traveling?
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Do you think that crate training is a useful tool for house training and preveting "bad" behavior? Why or why not?
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List the activities you and your family regularly engage in
(ie, camping, soccer, walks, hiking, music)
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Describe the personality of your ideal dog?
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Why do you think a schnauzer is the best dog for you?
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True and False Questions
The following questions are intended as conversation starters. The answers to these questions may be discussed with you at a later date for educational purposes. Right/wrong answers are not going to affect your ability to get a puppy.
Schnauzers love to learn new tricks and are easy to train
A dog should not be allowed to roam the house freely until it is at least one year old.
If you have other pets, it is better to get a puppy and not an adult dog.
If a male dog is neutered early, it may never display secondary behavior like marking and lifting its leg to urinate.
Buying a puppy from a kennel is just as good as buying a puppy that has been home raised.
Formal puppy training (obedience classes) should begin when the puppy is 5-6 months old.
A puppy should never join a family if children in the family are under 5 years old
Female dogs make better pets if they are allowed to have at least one litter of puppies.
Puppies will "house train" themselves if given the opportunity.
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