Audiobook Questionnaire for Lexa Luthor Readers
The following questionnaire is strictly related to audiobooks. Responses will assist me in whether or not to move forward with having audiobooks made for current and upcoming F/F Omegaverse novels. Every question is optional to answer.

If you DO NOT listen to audiobooks, I encourage you to answer & submit a response to the first question so I have a more accurate picture.

Questions? Please contact me directly. Thank you so much for your response!

Do you purchase audiobooks?
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Where do you typically purchase your audiobooks?
Do you use an audiobook subscription services such as Audible?
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How many audiobooks do you typically purchase/listen to per month?
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What price range do you typically pay for a single audiobook?
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Would you purchase an F/F Omegaverse audiobook?
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Do you prefer a female or male narrator?
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Do you have a favorite narrator(s)?
Is there anything else you would like me to know or share with me about audiobooks?
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