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We need some important information to start your adoption journey and ensure we always make the best match beweeen home and canine!
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If you are unsure please enter discuss and we can help you explore the options
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What will you do if your new dog/puppy develops problem behaviors? i.e. barking, digging, chewing, jumping, pottying in the house...
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What will you do if your new dog develops any aggressive behavior?
Note: We want you to think of every possibility, no matter how small.
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How do you plan on house training your new dog?
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If you do not know how to train your new dog or deal with any problems, let us know how we can help
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Vet Care
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Can we contact current Vet about this and any other past pet of yours?
Any information will be treated in confidence unless required by law
Owning a dog means paying for food, toys, treats, vet care, immunizations, and more. Are you ready to pay for these things for the dog’s entire life? *
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Things to think about
What will you do when you come home and find the dog ate your real expensive/favorite leather shoes?

What if you your dog pees on your carpet? on your bed spread/comforter?

What will you do when your dog cries all night the first few nights in the new home?

What happens when your dog chews the legs on your dining room table?

What happens if your dog tears his/her ACL while playing in the yard and it will cost you $2000 to have it repaired?

Thank you so much!
Thank you for taking the time to provide all this information. It is incredibly valuable to us in helping you find a great dog to bring into your life! This response will be kept and viewed securely over https:. Information will only be used in your application to adopt a dog from Belly Up For Adoptions.
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