2020 Cincinnati WITcon (Women in Technology Conference) Call for Speakers
Use this form to submit a presentation for the 2020 Cincinnati Women in Tech Conference. Send questions to sierra.obryan@getwitit.org

2020 Cincinnati WITcon will be held at Oasis Conference Center on Friday, October 30th. This year's theme is a Century for Disruption as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage--how far we've come and how far we'll continue to go!!

**The deadline to submit your talk is May 30th!**

We are hoping to have a wide variety of topics at the conference but these are some general topics:
- Leadership & Management- Includes things like Product Management, Strategic Thinking, Leading Others, Design Thinking, etc.
-Technologies - Sky is the limit, Robotics, DevOps, Open Source, etc. If it would fit in at Code Mash or another technical conference, it will fit in here.
- Beginner's Technical - Getting started with any technology. Should be accessible to an average Business Analyst/Product Manager/Scrum Master.
- Entrepreneurship - Includes things like Start-Ups, Successful Business Ideas, etc.
- Career Management - Includes things like how to advance in your career, how to find mentors, work life balance, happiness quotient, etc.
- Innovation - Cutting edge technologies, products, or approaches to solving problems. Could include self driving cars, big data, etc.
- Feel free to get creative!

Length Options:
- 15 Minute Lightning Talks
- 60 Minute
- 120 Minute (Reserved for Workshops)

Format Options:
- Lightning Talks
- Presentation Style
- Panel
- Workshop (120 Minutes)
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