Need Based Analysis - Self Evaluation Questionnaire

Dear School Administrators, Educators, and Stakeholders,

Greetings from Educational Mentoring India!

At the outset, we wish to introduce ourselves as a group of academicians and educators who have come together to form an organization called Educational Mentoring India. In this day and times of collaboration, we would be happy to support your mission by using our expertise in the education domain.

We understand the pulse of the school industry and the soul of the ecosystem of education. As the pioneers in this field, we provide need-based solutions to K12 schools and other institutions, by identifying the gaps, and by pooling in our experiences, provide services like Setting up schools / Institutions, Teacher Training, Leadership Training, Whole School Transformation, Curriculum Development, School Audits/Review all of which would be conducted/taken up by educators who are the leading educational heads from various reputed educational institutions in the country today. 

We have also set up specialized councils like Special Education, Psychological and Career Counseling, Parental Orientation, Preschool Curriculum and its establishment, Edusports, etc., to provide holistic services to the schools in these fields.

Our website  gives more details about our expertise and services that we can offer as a one-stop solution to schools.

We welcome you to the School Quality Assurance & Assessment Questionnaire (SQAA), designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your school's alignment with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, School Quality Assurance and Assessment (SQAA) standards set by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), and overall quality of education. This questionnaire aims to gather valuable insights into various dimensions of your school's educational practices and policies.

The SQAA is structured into multiple sections, each addressing specific aspects of your school's performance and adherence to educational guidelines. Your thoughtful responses to these questions will help assess your school's strengths and areas for improvement, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of the educational experience for your students.

Please take the time to consider each question carefully and provide honest and accurate responses. Your feedback is invaluable in understanding the current state of your school and its readiness to meet the evolving demands of the educational landscape.

As you go through the questionnaire, you will encounter questions related to NEP 2020 implementation and SQAA including School's Vision and Mission, Policies, Statutory Regulatory Requirements, Teaching and Learning, Curriculum, Students Achievement, Assessment practices, Co-curricular Activities, Administration, Leadership, and Management.

We encourage you to complete the questionnaire with thoroughness and transparency. Your responses will contribute to a comprehensive assessment that can guide your school towards continuous improvement and better alignment with national educational goals.

Thank you for your commitment to providing quality education and for participating in this important evaluation process. Your dedication to the growth and development of your students is at the heart of the educational transformation that NEP 2020 and CBSE's SQAA standards aspire to achieve.

Let us embark on this journey together to shape the future of education and ensure that every student receives an enriching and holistic learning experience.


Educational Mentoring India
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