Monday 5:30 - 7pm Classes,Term Sign-up
Teacher: Clare Raffety
Phone: 0400 588 353

Thank you for your interest in term enrolment for the Monday 5:30 - 7pm class. If you attended this class Term 4 of 2018, your place is confirmed and you do not need to fill in this form. If you are enquiring about a place and did not attend Term 4, 2019, my apologies, but all the term signup places for Term 1, 2019 are full. If you would like to be added to the waiting list and notified if a place opens up for the term, please fill in this form.

If you are wanting to come along casually, you do not need to fill in the form. There are always at least a couple of places and it is therefore very rare that I need to turn anyone away, so please come along.


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Please let me know of any health history or current issues if you are new to YFTH or have not updated your teacher recently. If you would prefer, you can do this by phone or in class.
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