European Women in Music
Hello all!

We are currently applying for funding for a Music Industry Women*s Networking event, which will take place in Berlin over a weekend in November 2017, expanding to a new location in Europe in 2018.

We feel that 2016 saw plenty of discussion regarding the role of women in the music industry, but not a lot of measurable progress. Women in electronic music have long been carrying the flame, women in the industry at large are certainly increasing their visibility... and yet we *still* need to keep reminding people that “female is not a genre" (Roxanne de Bastion). We think it’s time to put our heads and hearts together, discuss, collaborate, network, learn together and inspire each other, and hash out an action plan for the next few years in the process.

To make this event as successful and productive as possible, we would like to know from you what form you would like it to take. This short questionnaire will help us determine what kind of workshops, events, guest and live acts you feel would be most useful.

Thanks for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire, and please pass it on to any friends who might be interested, as well as any women currently working on applications for similar events. Lets pool our ideas and resources, and create a bigger network with greater possibilities!


Melissa, Mirca & Caoimhe

*trans/non-binary participants and contributors particularly welcomed

NB: "European" in the title refers to location only – people from all nationalities and backgrounds are invited to participate. Refugees welcome.

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