PML Light Machining Work Permit
This form is required for all work done in the MEAM Precision Machining Laboratory (Towne 169).

Work requiring light machines only (vertical band saw, drill press, sander) are automatically approved upon submission of a work permit.

If your work requires heavy machines (mills/lathes), you must fill out a Heavy Machining Work Permit:

First Name *
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Last Name *
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Email Address *
(@SEAS emails ONLY)
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Department/Lab/Course *
The department/lab/course responsible for the work being done (e.g. MEAM 101, MEAM 347, EE, BE, Kodlab, Modlab, GRASP)
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Faculty Supervisor *
The faculty responsible for the work being done (i.e. Dr. Fiene, Professor Yim, Professor Kuchenbecker)
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Job Name *
A short name to describe your job (i.e. Shaft coupler, Makerbot plate)
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How many parts will you be manufacturing? *
Enter the TOTAL quantity of parts that you will be manufacturing.
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Please check off what light machines you will using. *
Material Selection *
ALL COMPOSITE work (this includes bandsawing, drilling any composites carbon fiber/fiber glass) requires approval from Shop Staff.
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