Thanet Community Safety Partnership Annual Perception Survey 2020/21
Thanet Community Safety Partnership (TCSP) is asking for your views/perception of Anti Social Behaviour (ASB), crime and disorder in your area. It is important for us to have your views and feedback so that we can tackle perceived issues in your area. To help us understand and improve our service, we would be grateful if you could complete this questionnaire.

All replies will be treated in the strictest confidence and used solely for assessing ASB, crime and disorder within the Thanet district.
Please complete your full postcode? *
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In general, how safe do you feel when you are outside in your local area? (Local area is defined as the immediate location around where you live) *
Very safe
Very unsafe
Don't know
During the day
After dark
Over the past 12 months, have your feelings changed about how safe you feel in your local area? *
Over the past 12 months, how often have you experienced the following incidents in your local area?
No incidents
1-2 incidents
3-5 incidents
6-10 incidents
More than 10 incidents
Don't know
Abandoned vehicles
Drunk or rowdy people in public places
Noisy neighbours or loud parties
People hanging around on the streets
People using or dealing drugs
Vandalism or other deliberate damage to property or vehicles
Vehicles that are being repaired on the side of the road
We would like to understand what makes people feel unsafe in your local area. From the list below, please tell us the top THREE things that influence how unsafe you feel in your local area. *
In your local area, how concerned do you feel about the following issues? *
Really concerned
Not that concerned
Not concerned at all
Roadside car sales
Nuisance parking
Intimidating groups hanging around
Nuisance cyclists / mopeds / quad bikes
Uncontrolled dogs
People dealing drugs
Street drinkers
Aggressive begging
Anti-social neighbours
Which of the following channels do you use to find out about the Thanet Community Safety Partnership? Please select all that apply. *
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