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Hi - it's Whitney from & I want to share my plan for 2019 with you...

All of MY 2019 is going to be based around #journalyou52. The whole idea is to release a different prompt each week for your journal and life. I'll release these prompts to my mailing list, Instagram & Facebook group every Friday, then I'll host a "Live-Draw" each Sunday with the theme of the month/week.

You can read a full post about this challenge here:

Here's a summary:
Each month has a different theme word & each week has a prompt relating to the word. The month's words [tentatively] are as follows:

January - START
February - CREATE
March - PLAN
April - DO
June - REACH
August - STYLE
September - SIMPLIFY
November - EXPLORE
December - REFLECT

January's START topic includes the following prompts:
Week 1: Yearly or Birthday Spread
Week 2: Goals or Bucket List
Week 3: Quote to Live by or Word of the Year
Week 4: Hello Pages

This is a year-long project (hence the 52 weeks in #journalyou52), and I'll be participating with my followers each and every week.

Each week will have a different hashtag for Instagram sharing, and those who share their layouts will get entered into a giveaway with something I used (or showcased) in the live session, this is where YOU come in...

I'm looking for weekly sponsors to contribute prizes for each prompt.

What's in it for the sponsor?
- Product mentions and social media shoutouts throughout the week (88K+ following from social media) & in newsletter (10K+ subscribers).
- I'll actually use the product in my live videos which are evergreen. If I use and enjoy the product, it will be used/showcased/mentioned in the future.
- Each week a viewer will have the chance to win the product. (Whitney will take care of shipping unless otherwise specified).
- Sponsored items will go on a Supplies Page for Journal You with a link to the product FOREVER on my website.

What I need from the sponsor?
- 2 products (one for Whitney's use live and one for the giveaway winner)
- Store gift cards or credit for giveaways are also welcome - email me about this!

I'm open to any sponsorships, even if they are not journal related. Many of the themes for the year are based around travel, health, finances, etc, so this does not necessarily mean you must be a stationery company. AND I'm looking for companies big and small to participate here.

I am looking forward to this project, and I can't wait to hear from you!
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