Wavelength Artist Application Form 2017
Wavelength is a celebration of Australia and New Zealand's female and non-binary game artists, taking place at Play By Play Festival in Wellington, New Zealand. It will culminate in a physical exhibition of game art from these creators, hung at Thistle Hall (293 Cuba St, Wellington, NZ) from April 17th to 22nd alongside the main interactive festival exhibition for the public to view. For more information on the festival, please see www.playbyplay.co.nz.

**YOUR PIECE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE 2D OR ILLUSTRATIVE. 3D game artwork and scenes laid out as a show piece are also very, very welcome!**

Please double check your title/organisation and preferred name, as this is how you'll be credited on artist cards at the exhibition. Also please note, as wall space is limited in the hall, we may not be able to accept every entry - artists will be notified by April 10th if we have room in the venue and the piece is accepted.


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Applicants must live within the ANZ region to take part in the exhibition.
Your Artwork
Please provide download links to your artwork in the box below. Artwork must be A4 size and at least 300dpi to ensure it is suitable for printing. If you have larger or unusually sized work, add a link anyway and we may be able to accommodate it. You can link as many pieces of art as you like, but this is a curated exhibition and not everything may be chosen. Where possible, please provide a CMYK image!
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Game Title, Platform &/or Company Artwork is From (if applicable)
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Other Comments
If you have any other comments, queries or things you'd like us to know about your submission, here is the place. Alternatively you can email info@playbyplay.co.nz directly.
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