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1. Looking back at your overall experience at Chuka University particularly at the particular programme you pursued (Commerce, BSc, BA, BEd, Community Development, Computer Science, etc.) to what extent would you agree to the following? Please work on box…
Strongly Agree
Moderately Agree
Strongly Disagree
I participated in class discussions
Most faculty members at Chuka University were friendly and helpful
I met with a faculty member during their consultation hour to talk about questions/concerns over my class work
I was involved in activities on campus
Most other students at Chuka University were friendly and helpful
I was involved in student organizations
I developed close personal relationships with other students at Chuka University
It was easy for me to get to know other students
Most of the students at Chuka University had values similar to my own
Most offices and staff at Chuka University were friendly and helpful
Most of my subjects at Chuka University were relevant and applicable to my future career(s)
I participated in study groups
2. For each of the following items, please indicate how much you feel you gained as a result of your education at CHUKA UNIVERSITY.
Very Much
Very Little
Developed knowledge and skills applicable to a career (course content)
Developed my ability to work as a team member
Motivated me to do my best work
Provided a broad overview of my course/major
Sharpened my analytical skills
Developed confidence to investigate new ideas
Developed my problem solving skills
Stimulated my enthusiasm for further learning
Improved my skills in written communication
Helped to develop ability to plan my own work
Helped me to make informed judgment
How to Use computers
How to Speak effectively
3.Are you presently employed?
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