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7 Question Survey
Survey Introduction
Dear Neighbor,

Over the past two years a group of community leaders in Stockbridge has been analyzing the need for medical primary care, mental and behavioral health services in the community. While the area has excellent emergency services through the Stockbridge Area Emergency Services Authority, (SAESA) and excellent hospitals within a distance of 15-35 miles (Chelsea, Ann Arbor, Jackson, and Lansing), primary medical care and behavioral health services for families and individuals in the Stockbridge Service Area are non-existent. In the schools specifically, there has not been a nurse on staff for over 15 years, and there is only one social worker for 1,218 students.

Many leaders of these communities feel that a Family Health Care Center is needed locally to serve all of the Stockbridge Service Area which includes: the Stockbridge Community Schools, the Village of Stockbridge, and the following six townships – Waterloo, White Oak, Stockbridge, Henrietta, Bunkerhill and Unadilla.

The Stockbridge Service Area is a unique geographical area. It represents the rural extensions and the intersection of four counties--Ingham, Livingston, Jackson and Washtenaw. Due to its location, the Stockbridge Services Area often does not receive the financial support that is needed to sustain accessible and affordable essential services. The Stockbridge Service Area is federally designated as a mental health care professional shortage area and also, by the state as a medically underserved area.

We are now looking for your feedback to determine what you feel is needed in your community.

We are urgently asking you to please complete this 7-question survey by 5pm on Tuesday, June 1st. The information you provide will be used to determine the need for, and the sustainability of, a local family health center for the Stockbridge Service Area.

If you have received a hard copy of this survey, please either mail it back to Mr. Jeff Trapp, Principal of Stockbridge Junior/Senior High School (416 N. Clinton St., Stockbridge, MI 49285) or drop it in the mailbox at your township hall.

Thank you for participating in this survey and helping to improve services for the communities within the Stockbridge Service Area.

1) What township do you live in?
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2) What is your age?
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3) If a Family Health Center with licensed primary care provider(s) and behavioral health staff existed in Stockbridge to serve individuals and families in this entire Stockbridge Service Area, would you use it?
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4) How many people in your family would use such a Health Center?
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5) If you currently have a primary care physician or nurse practitioner, would you transition to using the medical personnel at the Stockbridge Service Area Health Center if it became available?
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6) What kind of medical and mental health services are needed in the community? Select all that apply.
7) What are the barriers you see in using a local Family Health Center? Select all that apply.
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