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Welcome to St. James Parish in Washington, Pennsylvania! Please fill out the entire form for each of your children to register them for our program.
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If you have any questions contact the Religious Education Office at or (724) 225-1425 ext. 308. We are here to assist you!
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*Please submit a copy of your child's baptismal certificate to our program, even if you are a member of the parish.*
A copy may be mailed to or dropped off at the parish rectory (119 W Chestnut St, Washington, PA 15301). A copy may also be emailed to the Religious Education program at:
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Does your child have access to the internet to use a digital catechesis program? *
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Do we have your permission to use your child's photo in the parish bulletin/website/Facebook? *
Does your child have any allergies, medical conditions, or cognitive challenges that we should be aware of? (all information will be kept confidential) *
Please list something that may be substituted if treats are given. *You may prefer to send something that can be kept in the classroom with his/her name on it. Be sure it is a non-perishable item.* *
$40 for one child, $60 for two, and $70 per family (3 or more) to cover the cost of textbooks and supplies. Due October 1. Send payment to religious education office at 119 W Chestnut St, Washington, PA 15301 or drop your payment in the
collection basket using a separate envelope. If you pay in cash, please include your name and
designate that it is for religious education fees, Your child may also bring the payment the first day of class.
Financial aid is available. Contact the Religious Education Office for assistance: or (724) 225-1425 ext. 308.
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