CoSMO: Eboard Nominations
CoSMO is planning its elections for next year's eboard! If you are interesting in running for one of these positions, nominate yourself through this form! Nominations are live until midnight on Sunday, April 14th.

Below is information about the various eboard roles and responsibilities.
Select any positions which you would be interested in filling. An election will be held in the coming weeks.

Email address *
• Presides at all meetings
• Serves as the main point of contact for the organization
• Manages external relations of the organization, including establishing connections with students, alumni, administration, etc.
• Manages and assists other officers
Mentorship Chair
• Manages organization membership, and is responsible for connecting mentors to mentees
• Manages mentors and addresses any concerns between mentors and mentees
• Works with Event Coordinator to plan any mentorship-specific events
Event Coordinator
• Helps plan any events for the club
• Gathers member feedback to inform future events and improve existing events
• Works with President to maintain relationships with students, alumni, administration, etc
• Handles public relations for the organization, advertising meetings, events, etc.
• Records meeting and distributes necessary information to membership
• Manages finances and fundraising, and attends all Student Activities Business Office required meetings
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