2016 Midnight Mile Student Participant Registration
A copy of this registration packet can be found at: www.dmsmidnightmile.weebly.com

Objective: The main goal with your team is to continue running for the entire 24 hours. By accomplishing this, several more important goals will also be reached:
Goal setting and follow through Achievement and self-worth
Team building Fitness awareness
Overcoming obstacles physically & mentally Promoting a positive, family-oriented experience

Success: There are four characteristics of success that we, as physical educators hope to demonstrate as a result of this event.
• Willingness to Risk- Taking on something that you or someone else may not. Without risk, people can become stagnant in their quest for achievement! They do not learn to go above and beyond what is normally expected. (E.g. Taking part in this run is a risk.)
• Commitment to Integrity- Being honest with yourself. Anyone can cheat or take the easy way out when no one is looking. However, you don’t better yourself or realize what you might have accomplished! You’ll have a greater sense of accomplishment when you know you’ve done it right. (E.g. Being dishonest about having completed training.)
• Determination to Stand- Holding strong and believing firmly in something that is important to you, regardless of what others might think or say. Many people quit because they are afraid of what others might think of them if they try too hard, or dream too big! (E.g. Not participating in the run because a group of friends may think it’s uncool.)
• Sense of Passion- The feelings that drive you to do your best when you realize what you can accomplish. This is what drives you throughout the difficult times…tough workouts, bouts of self-doubt. When a person values this concept, they realize what they are able to achieve and their drive to obtain their goals becomes stronger. (E.g. recognizing the possibilities instead of the limitations of a goal, and trudging on courageously.)

The Rules: The following rules are to help you understand what is expected for the run.
• All registration requirements must be completed no later than Wednesday, August 31, 2016 by 11:59pm. A $20 non-refundable registration fee is also due at this time.
• Teams of approximately 15-20 participants will be formed. They may be mixed by both gender and grade level and will be arranged at a later meeting.
• Each person runs one mile (four laps) on the track and will then hand the baton off to the next runner on his/her team. This relay continues until his/her turn is up again, continuing for 24 hours. There will be no substitute runners allowed. Substituting a runner will result in removal from the event.
• This is a RUNNING event and walking may not be a substitute for completing your miles. A runner may run as fast or as slow as needed.
• Runners will not be allowed to leave the event early. Every participant is expected to be AT the event from 9am on Friday until 9am on Saturday. (Even if you do not expect to have to run again!) In this case, students run the risk of not being allowed to participate in the event in following years and an event t-shirt will NOT be awarded.
Requirements and Training:
In order to successfully achieve your goals, we want to make sure you are ready both mentally and physically for the event. You will be responsible for completing three workouts a week. You must complete AT LEAST the workout required. You can always do more than what is suggested, but you should be running at the very least, three times a week and turning in your log with a parent signature. Listed below are more instructions that need to be followed in order to participate. If the instructions below are NOT followed, we reserve the right to remove you from the event for mental and/or physical readiness and safety reasons.

• How to get your logs: Each week you must go online to the Midnight Mile registration website (where you registered online for the event) or to http://sites.google.com/site/dms8bsite/ (the PE dept website) and click on “Midnight Mile” to download and print off your training log. These logs will be available each Wednesday beginning September 2nd. This first log will be due Wednesday, September 9th.
 If you do not have internet access at home to view and print off training logs, you must indicate this on your registration form. We will provide training logs ONLY for those students who do not have this availability.
• Turn in requirements: When you turn your log in, it must be filled out completely and signed by your parents. This tells us you have prepared for the run on your own and shows your dedication to the event.
 Students must turn in each new log on Wednesday by 3:50pm to be checked by his/her PE teacher. Any log turned in after 3:50pm on the Wednesday it is due is late. The third time you turn in a late log, you will be removed from the event. Do NOT wait until the last couple of days before it is due to print off your log. Be proactive and print off your log early to avoid computer/internet and printer problems. Logs cannot be turned in any later than 3:50 on Friday of the same week. Failure to do so will result in removal from the event. In the event that you are absent on a Friday, you MUST turn in your log on the next attended school day by 3:50pm or you will be removed from the event. This log will be counted as late.
 The log being turned in must be the CORRECT log- the log due for that particular week. It may not be handwritten and may not be a log from a different workout week. PE teachers reserve the right to ask participants what workout they completed. If students cannot indicate the workout they completed was the assigned workout, we reserve the right to remove said students from the event for physical preparedness and safety reasons. (See “Success” bullet point in reference to “Commitment to Integrity”)
 Turning in logs is strictly the responsibility of the student participant. One of our main goals is to promote self-reliance amongst our students.
 Technology is not always reliable- when choosing to fax or email training logs please note- this should be done at your own risk. The preferred and safest method of turning in training logs is for the student participant to personally hand their log to their PE teacher. Please try to avoid turning in logs to the main office as Midnight Mile is not their top priority.
 Any log turned in with a forged parent signature will result in immediate removal from the event.
• Regarding doctor’s notes: If you are excused from PE on a doctor’s note- you should NOT be training for the Midnight Mile. If a doctor does not think it’s safe for you to participate in PE, it is not safe for you to train.
 Any student excused from PE on a doctor’s note the day of the event will not be able to participate.
 If a student gets injured during the 2 months of training and is unable to train- he/she will be allowed a maximum of a 2 week break from training as long as a doctor’s note is provided. However, he/she MUST make up the missed workouts and turn in all 3 logs per his/her PE teacher’s directions.
• Week 3 and Week 6 Mile(s) Run test: Every participant must be able to run at least one mile without stopping to walk by the 3rd week of training and two miles without stopping to walk by the 6th week of training. These tests will be administered in PE class the week of September 21st and October 12th. Students that cannot complete these tests without walking or stopping will be removed from the event.

Event Organization & Safety:
To provide a positive, productive and safe environment, the following has been established for the day of the event.
Date & Time
• Friday, October 21st - Saturday, October 22nd
• Starts at 9:00 am and continues for 24 hours- Students should be in the gym no later than 8:00 am.
• Student runners will be excused from school Friday.
• Students are responsible for making up all missed assignments.
• Participants will be responsible for bringing their OWN food. (The challenge run encourages living a healthy lifestyle. Please- No junk food!) We STRONGLY discourage parents from bringing fast food to their children at the event.
• Due to the dangers of misuse of highly caffeinated energy drinks, possession and consumption of such beverages is highly discouraged at the event.
• There will be lights lining the perimeter of the track.
• 3-5 fire pits.
• Generators-providing work lights near start area and power to perimeter lights.
First Aid
• First aid kit and AED supplied at the track.
• Students should plan to have any medications needed with them & be responsible for taking them.
• Runners with asthma will be responsible for their own inhalers.
• There will be separate boys’ and girls’ sections for resting or sleeping.
• You MUST have a tent to sleep in! You may share a tent with other students of the same gender, provided the tent is made for the appropriate number of people using it. If you or your team has a tent, please bring one to sleep in.
• Parent runners may tent with his/her child ONLY.
• If it rains, use of the building will be made available, but only under extreme circumstances.
Boundaries & Supervision
• All participants will remain on the inside of the track at all times.
• Use of the washrooms inside the building WILL NOT be permitted. Portable facilities will be made available at the track.
• Visitors and/or spectators (other than family) will not be allowed on the inside of the track. Siblings MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.
• Pets will not be allowed with the exception of service dogs.
• All parents visiting the event must sign in upon entrance into the event, and sign out before leaving.

Inclement Weather
• If severe weather conditions occur during the event (thunder, lightning, tornado watch, heavy rain), the event leadership team will meet, review the circumstances, and make a decision regarding the event’s eligibility. If the event must be stopped, no refunds will be issued due to event cost. The event will not continue indoors due to safety concerns and space constraints. Finisher shirts will still be awarded. Please note that participants must have a ride on standby in the event of a cancellation during the event.
• Lightning detection meter on site.

Parent Runners and/or Volunteers:
Parents may run on their student’s team. Parents on student teams will run at the same time and in the same format as regular student teams. Please indicate your desire to participate as a parent runner or volunteer on your child’s registration form. In order to know who is participating and who is on school grounds, we ask that only those parents of children who are participating take part in the event. Parent runners and volunteers must complete the district’s Waiver of Liability form prior to participation and turn it in as soon as possible.

Behavior at the Event:
Participating in the Midnight Mile is a privilege. Last year, approximately 500 students successfully complete training and earn the privilege of participating in this wonderful event. We look forward to seeing each and every student accomplish their goals and have fun during this special time. However, with such a large number of students participating, good behavior is extremely important. Regular school rules and policies will be enforced. If a student’s behavior becomes problematic, removal from the event will be left to the discretion of the PE department and Administration.

Suggested Student Materials Needed: WARM CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweats, both tops and bottoms Hat Extra socks/shoes
Sports bag to keep things in Gloves Pillow
Food (NO junk food please!) Tent Blankets
Appropriate running shoes Water bottle Sleeping bag
iPod/MP3 (optional) Bug spray Extra shoelaces
Flashlight RAIN GEAR

Donations of Material:
We are always thankful to those of you who’d like to donate supplies and/or materials. If you are willing to donate any of the following materials, please contact Aaron Godfrey at aaron.godfrey@d300.org .

Wood and/or kindling Boxes of starter logs
1500-5000 watt generators Heavy duty extension cords
White LED rope lights
Contractor garbage bags

We are encouraging parents to take part in their child’s participation in this activity! You can help them train, support them as a spectator, volunteer to help at the event, donate supplies, drive off miles on your odometer for training purposes, etc. Please do what you can to help them accomplish their goals and realize the importance of commitment and dedication. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the PE department. We look forward to seeing you at the event! 

Event Directors:
Mrs. Gina Hurley (224)484-4541 gina.hurley@d300.org
Mr. Aaron Godfrey (224)484-4544 aaron.godfrey@d300.org
Mr. Mark Scheurich (224)484-4542 mark.scheurich@d300.org
Ms. Lauren Omsberg (224)484-4543 lauren.omsberg@d300.org
Mr. Brian Iossi (224)484-4539 brian.iossi@d300.org
Mr. Matthew Bishop (224)484-4534 matthew.bishop@d300.org

A copy of this registration packet can be found on the Registration tab on the DMS Midnight Mile website: www.dmsmidnightmile.weebly.com

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Parental Consent *
I give my child permission to participate in Dundee Middle School’s Midnight Mile Challenge Run. I have read the entire registration packet and am aware of the expectations outlined within. I understand that my child may be removed from the event if he/she does not follow the requirements and training procedures and that the registration fee is completely non-refundable. I understand that my child will not receive an event t-shirt if he/she drops out of, or is removed from the challenge run. I understand that if my child quits DURING the event due to injury, illness or fatigue, my child WILL be sent home. Finally, I understand that by signing below, I am agreeing to the policies outlined on this registration page.
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Volunteers make the DMS Midnight Mile possible. If you are considering offering a few hours of your time to help our 500+ participants, please select the options below. We will contact you with certain volunteer opportunities we have, at which point you can either choose one or let us know that you are no longer able to volunteer. Please consider volunteering your time at this fun and inspiring fundraiser!
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