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This form is to request access to the SkilStak Coding Arts learning community knowledge base privately hosted on For frequently asked questions check
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The content of the knowledge base is copyright SkilStak Coding Arts requiring that no content reproduction of any kind be made. Forking has been prohibited and copyright notifications added as reminders but it is primarily your responsibility to uphold this legal requirement which is in place primarily to ensure the quality of the content that rapidly changes. GitHub hosting was chosen over a book or web site because of this dynamic requirement. Not only do we want to ensure our content changes as fast as the technology does but we also want to legally protect community members who contribute and help maintain the content (provided they create original content free from copyright limitations as legally acknowledged in a separate contributors agreement).
No Unauthorized Group Instruction *
To ensure the quality and consistency of the presentation of the content it is important that when helping a group learn (which is awesome) that you receive written authorization from SkilStak to do so. We will make sure you have the latest information and are presenting it reasonably consistently. Help us, help you by making sure we know about it.
Safe from Marketing *
SkilStak will never use any information gathered here, from GitHub, or any other source for marketing purposes without your consent. You need not worry about your information with us. SkilStak requires no personally identifying information of any kind, period. Not only does this meet every legal privacy requirement but ensures the ultimately safety of your identity and information.
Access Revokation *
Obviously, we want you to benefit from access to the content, but you need to understand that your right to access the content is not guaranteed in any way.
Access Expiration *
In order to keep our usage information fresh we plan to expire access two years from the time of this access request (if granted). Just know that in order to keep the content fresh and handle registrations that a reasonable maintenance fee may be required (probably not to exceed $50/two years much like the cost of a good technical book today).
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A GitHub account is required for access, which requires you be 13 or older (in the US).
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Whether it be to learn about SkilStak offerings or to answer questions about the knowledge base or any of these form items we are available to answer your questions.
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Anyone may apply, but usually only those currently registered, their parents, and former members will be granted access. We also grant access to a select group of schools, districts, businesses, and other learning communities with whom we have agreements. For information on SkilStak learning community membership and/or organizational agreements please visit, email, or call 704-310-6778.
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