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We will potentially be offering a few different enrollment options for Before and After School Program this year. Please read carefully through the options below and indicate which option you would have interest in joining.

This is not an official registration, but is a survey to help the BASP Director and Board make the most appropriate plan!

Before School Program: Open from approximately 7:15 until the beginning of the school day. Students would be in a singular group of 9 students or less and will be required to stay with that group and in the designated BASP room until they are brought to their classroom.

After School Program: Students would be split into groups of 9 or less and assigned a "homeroom" space where their group would meet and stay for the majority of their time at BASP. These groups will be made with the intent to keep siblings and class-groups together to minimize extra exposure to students they wouldn't normally see. As in typical years, students would have the opportunity to have snack time and outside time when plausible. However, student groups will not be able to interact with one another.

Held Roster Spot: For families that enrolled last school year with Before or After School Program but that do not intend to join for the beginning of this school year or join during this school year at all. We will allow a "roster spot holding registration" that will keep your students roster spots through the year for a monthly holding tuition. This tuition guarantees your student's enrollment in BASP when you decide to rejoin.

If you have further questions, please feel free to email
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