Octocon 2019 Programme Participant Survey
Thank you for your interest in being a programme participant for Octocon 2019. This questionnaire is designed to give us an idea of the sort of things you might want to take part in.
Note that volunteering to be on our programme does not guarantee you will become a participant of Octocon 2019, though we're very grateful that you want to be!
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You do not need to answer any of the optional questions but they will help us try to improve representation in our programme items. They will not be used to assign you to particular panel topics (such as LGBT+ issues) although you are welcome to tell us if you're interested in discussing these (see section 2). Only the programme team will have visibility of these answers.
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If you don't already have a membership for Octocon 2019, you'll need to get one! You can buy one on our website (http://2019.octocon.com). Memberships will also be available on the day but we'd prefer you to have one in advance if you're going to be part of the programme.
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