RPI Eship.2 Kickoff Registration
For this competition, we will hold 3 pop-up workshops preceding the submission deadline to better prepare you to submit the best entry possible. **Attendance at a minimum of 1 pop-up is mandatory.** Each pop-up will be 1 hour.

Kickoff Event: Feb 19th 6:00 J bldg - Who is going to buy this thing?
Pop-up 2: Feb 26th 6:00 J bldg - How to talk to customers.
Pup-up 3: Mar 19th 6:00 J bldg - Pitching to win!
Final submissions due: Mar 22nd @ http://bit.ly/eship2_submit
Final Competition: Mar 26th 6:00 in the J bldg

Questions? SCTE@rpi.edu

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