Great River School Student Club Proposal
Procedure for Starting a Club:
Any student may submit a proposal to form a club. The first step is to find an appropriate adult (parent/guardian, faculty or community member over 21) to supervise the club. Student leaders will then present their proposal for initial review to the Communications Committee. (Students are encouraged to discuss their proposal with the Head of School before submitting the proposal to the Communications Committee.) If approved, it will be brought to the full faculty for final approval. Only when it is fully approved, may a club begin holding meetings. School clubs must observe the same rules and procedures for school-sponsored activities.

GRS Club Definition:
A GRS Club has a clearly defined purpose and is comprised of at least three or more students who meet at regular intervals with a committed adult (either a GRS Faculty or adult who has been approved by the Head of School) after regular school hours. The club clearly demonstrates the core values, mission and vision of Great River School. The topics/content of the club must not be unlawful or interfere with the orderly conduct of educational activities.

Club Membership:
The club must define membership requirements including age levels, attendance criteria and academic standing. School policy states students must maintain a 2.0 average prior to joining and while a member of the club. Grades will be checked quarterly by the advisor. If a student's cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0, the student, club advisor, student's advisor and parents/guardian will make a decision about continued participation.

Meeting Times:
Club meeting times will be established at the beginning of the year or within the first two weeks of the first club meeting and submitted to the communications committee for approval.

Meeting Place:
Club meeting place would be established and approved by the Head of School prior to the first meeting. The meeting place would be at school except for special circumstances, clearly defined in advance of that meeting/activity.

Financial Considerations:
- Until a club is a school sponsored activity it is only funded through activity fees, approved fundraising and grants/donations. General school funds are not available for clubs.
- Fundraising activities must be approved by the communications committee; grants/donations must be approved by the Development Director.
- Any monies collected should be turned in to the office manager.
- The club must open a bank account and abide by the state statues governing student activity accounts. Checks will be issued to vendors by the authorized signer.
- At the end of the school year, even if club activities are ongoing, a financial report must be submitted to the Head of School.
- If a club has been in existence for a minimum of two years, has demonstrated fiscal responsibility, sound management and has at least six members, it may apply for to be a school sponsored activity. This implies having a paid advisor and financial support from the school as outlined in a budget.

Supervising Adult (s) must:
- Be over 21 years of age.
- Have a background check (if not a GRS faculty member) completed before meeting with students.
- Attend all club meetings, fund raising activities and trips/outside activities
- Approve activities (ongoing and fundraising)
- Comply with vehicle check if driving students is required

Additional Meetings:
- Activities/meetings that take place outside the regularly scheduled club meetings must be approved by the Head of
School at least a three weeks in advance. Out of state/overnight activities must be approved at least two months in
- Appropriate permission forms must be completed for each student involved.

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