Wonderful Wednesday Day Camp, Camper Registration, spring 2021
*** Kindergarten and First Grade Camper spots are now full.

Thanks to Rappahannock County Public Schools and the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors, the Wonderful Wednesday Day Camp will be offered free of charge again this spring to RCES students from K - 6th grade on Wednesdays from 9 am - 3 pm at the Northern Virginia 4-H Educational and Conference Center in Front Royal, VA. Campers will spend Wednesdays in small groups that are divided by grade and will follow strict social distancing guidelines. Supervision will be provided by trained adult staff and RCHS teenage counselors.

Campers can look forward to participating in the following activities:
* Two age-appropriate workshops each day;
* Homework and study time; support will be provided by teenage counselors;
* Commit to Be Fit activities;
* Community Service/Thankful activities to support and recognize members of the Rappahannock Community;
* Outdoor activities and exploration (weather dependent) - we plan to be outdoors as much as possible.

Busing, lunches, snacks, and all program supplies will be provided by RCPS. We will practice RCPS COVID safety protocols, and students will have their temperatures taken each morning, will be spaced 6 feet apart throughout the day, and will wear masks when indoors.

This program will begin on March 3, with the last day of programming taking place on May 12. The program will not be offered on April 14, 2021. If schools are closed for any reason on scheduled days of camp, the program will be canceled, as we will follow the RCPS's weather and cancellation policies.

Registration is now open and will end on February 7. Space is limited and campers will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will be sent busing information, a daily schedule, a list of what to bring and wear to camp, and the safety precautions we will take during this day camp before February 19.

Should you have any questions about this day camp, please contact Jenny Kapsa at jkapsa@rappahannockschools.us.
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Busing will be offered, and bus stops will depend upon the number of campers that live in an area. For planning purposes, please check your preferred bus stop. (*These may change) Car riders and those who cannot find transportation for their child/ren to get to/from a bus stop should answer the next two questions.
Sperryville, The Old Schoolhouse Parking Lot
Washington, Trinity Episcopal Church Parking Lot
Amissville, Hackley's Parking Lot
Flint Hill, Flint Hill Post Office
Chester Gap, Circle at the front of the neighborhood
Am Bus Stop
PM Bus Stop
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Will your child be a car rider, and be dropped off/picked up at the NOVA 4-H Center each day of camp (instead of riding a bus)? *
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By checking "Yes", I give permission for the RCPS to use pictures and videos of my child while participating in this day camp for newspaper articles, community and school reporting, and advertising for future programs. *
For Kindergarten and First Grade Parents/Guardians: By checking "Yes" I allow the local non-profit FamilyFutures to use pictures and videos of my child participating in MyFuture activities. FamilyFutures supports the RCPS MyFuture program, which provides your RCES kindergartener and/or first graders with financial education, life skill development, and a MyFuture Savings account.
By checking "Yes", I give permission for the staff and volunteers of these programs to have my child transported to the nearest hospital and treated in case of a medical emergency. In addition, I give permission for my child to receive over the counter medication when needed. *
By checking "I agree to this Code of Conduct", I understand that if my child has behavioral issues at this day camp, I will be called to discuss strategies to support my child to continue with his/her participation in this program. However, I understand that if the behavioral issues are severe, or if there are multiple issues, my child may have to be picked up during the day, and my child may not be permitted to return to participate in this program. *
By checking YES, I understand that all reasonable precautions will be made to prevent my child from getting Covid 19 or any other strain of the Coronavirus. I understand that campers will be told to practice safe social distancing protocols and that I will be contacted if my child has a difficult time adhering to these safety measures. I agree to NOT send my child to the Wonderful Wednesday Day Camp should my child have a fever of 100F or higher, feel unwell, or have had an exposure to someone who has COVID. Should my child get Covid 19 or any other strain of the Coronavirus, I will NOT hold Rappahannock County, the RCPS, or the staff and volunteers overseeing this program responsible. I understand that if I do not check YES that my child will not be permitted to participate in this day camp. *
We are looking for instructors to lead fun, interesting and educational 50- minute workshops to the Wonderful Wednesday campers. If you have a skill or an activity that you would like to share with these campers, please check the grades of the kids with whom you would like to work.
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If you would like to lead a workshop to Wonderful Wednesday campers, please list the type of workshop here. Workshops could include: short hikes, art projects, cooking, martial arts, etc....
If there is additional information that you would like to share about your child, please enter that information here.
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