Westheimer Scholarship Application Form
If you have any questions about the Westheimer scholarship before you submit your application, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document at the following link -


In order to help you complete this application form to the best of your ability please also refer to the accompanying guidance notes at the following link -


Please Note
Once you begin, you will not be able to save this form and return to complete later. Therefore, please allow at least 1 hour to complete the form.

To help you prepare your application, you can download a PDF version of the form. This will allow you to see what questions are asked, and what information is needed. However, please be advised that we will only accept applications via this online application form. It may be useful to type out your answers into a Word document, and copy and paste them into the online form.

There is no advantage for individuals who submit their applications first, so please take your time and fill in the form carefully. We do not consider incomplete applications.

Closing Date
The closing date for applications is midnight on the 27th May 2019. Applications received after this date will not be accepted.
Privacy notice
Please note that by completing this form you are giving your personal data to the Schwab & Westheimer Trust. Refugee Support Network will use this data to process your application on behalf of the Schwab & Westheimer Trust. Please refer to RSN's privacy notice on our website (https://www.refugeesupportnetwork.org/pages/29-privacy-policy). Please refer to the Schwab & Westheimer Trust's privacy notice on their website (http://swtrust.org.uk/documents/SWT-Privacy-Policy.pdf).
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