Sign Up for Youth Dance Weekend 2016
The lottery for YDW 2016 has closed and there is currently a waitlist to attend. Though we can’t make any promises, significant numbers of people do get off the waitlist every year. Some years we go through most of the waitlist.

The one strategy that is certain to improve your chances of getting a spot at the weekend is to be available at the last minute (we're talking the week or even the last few days before the weekend). The waitlist tends to move quicker as we get closer, because people make other plans. So, if you don't make other plans (and have your own transportation at the ready), those precious spots are more likely to be yours. That said, if you do make other plans or are otherwise unable to attend, please let us know so that we can move through the waitlist more quickly.

Now, go click those check boxes, drop down those menus, and fill out those text fields, woo hoo!

Basic information
Yeah, it's just the same old stuff we always ask about, but it's still important so please fill it out!
First name
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Last name
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Street address
925 Crisp St.
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What's the zip code for your mailing address?
If your mission in life is to frustrate the USPS (and the YDW Committee), enter 00000.
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We love you and the demographic data you represent
Tell us a little more about yourself.
If you want something different than the name you listed above on your nametag, let us know here.
Leave this blank if you're cool with FIRSTNAME LASTNAME
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How old will you be in September 2016?
Must be > 17 and < crisped
What gender pronouns would you like people to use for you?
This will be listed on your name tag. Some examples are she/her, they/them, he/him, and ze/hir. We trust you to take this question seriously.
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What is your hometown dance community?
This will be listed on your name tag. E.g., Weston, VT.
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What information can we list publicly in the camper directory for you?
Two-four heads are better than one!
We allow you to group your registration with up to three people for weekend attendance purposes. If you choose to exercise this option, please indicate with whom we should link your record.
REMEMBER: These people need to sign up as well or you will enter the big scary lottery all alone. Which is fine. But just make sure they register if you want them to be considered with you.
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Transportation collaboration
What city will you be coming to YDW from?
Remember, this is in late September 2016. If you don't know, leave it blank.
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What best describes your carpooling situation?
Could you come early or stay late to help with setup or cleanup?
Are you going to be arriving late to the weekend because of work or classes or some other commitment?
Your ideal YDW experience
Would you like to organize a late night activity? If yes, describe your proposal and we'll be in touch about details.
singing, jamming, silly games, special dance form, etc
Your answer
During the weekend campers have the opportunity to work with staff performers and organizers to learn about what they do. If you are interested in being paired with a staff member to learn about a specific topic, let us know
How would you like to participate in open mic sessions?
Do you have any ideas for a Tabletop Discussion topic?
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What is your dietary preference?
Describe any special diet needs
Please make a special note if you experience anaphylaxis related to food
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Housing preference
We will attempt to keep you alive and unscathed, but just in case...
Emergency contact name
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Emergency contact phone
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Please describe any medical conditions that we should know about
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Are you first-aid/CPR certified?
Give details if so:
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Is that your final answer?
Anything else you'd like us to know?
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