Virus World NFT Airdrop event
Hello! Zombies!🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️
We will be running an event for Tropa da Drih community members.
Virus World is an extremely early and promising growing NFT project.
If you make your zombies powerful and join a guild and become a member of a powerful guild, you can gain high mining power

Basic NFT: 10
🔰Basic NFT has no mining power, but you can invite a friend with V-code or use an experience item
If you upgrade to Lv.1, you will have mining power and can mine ZVT.
🔰The higher the level, the stronger the mining power, and the NFT image gradually loses its human form and turns into a zombie.

✅ ZVT: Ethereum Chain's Virus World Utility Token

  V-code: Virus World NFTs contain V-codes so you can invite your friends to your Virus 2 Earn activity to level up your NFTs.

*Required conditions for winners: Follow Virus World Twitter, enter Discord, and enter Telegram
(Randomly selected from Tropa da Drih Discord users)

Virus World Discord:
Virus World Telegram:

Virus World Official :

Period:  From the start date to before the winner is selected

Winner Announcement: Tropa da Drih Discord

Prize airdrop date: distribution begins sequentially after the event ends

Virus World is continuously updated and preparing for explosive growth
We look forward to your participation.

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Please enter your ERC-20 Metamask Wallet address
Would you be willing to join the Tropada Drih guild if it was opened?
Do you know exactly about the V2E system and the guild system?
What activities can you do if you join the Tropada Drih guild?
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