Voice Assistant on Your Phone
Share your opinions with us regarding the Voice Assistant on your phone and help us to make it better.
1. What's your gender
2. What's your job?
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3. How often do you use the voice assistant on your phone?
4. What voice assistant do you use?
5. Please name 3 cases in which you use voice assistant the most?
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6. What's the 3 features of a voice assistant you like and use the most?
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7. What upset you the most when you use a voice assistant?
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8. What features do you wish a voice assistant could have in the future?
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9. What's your daily language?
10. How do you like it if your daily language is available in a voice assistant? (E.g, Hausa is available in Nigeria, Swahili in Kenya/Uganda )
I don't care
I love it!
11. Which way of transportation do you use the most in daily life?
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