MOM's 5 MINUTE QUIZ-07.24.17
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1. True or False: The ThriveHive training website can be easily accessed by going thru the old Propel Training website, using the same login instructions. *
2. True or False: The audience demographics of our newspaper websites is not available separately, it's always bundled with the print audience demo's on the approved GateHouse media kits. *
3. True or False: Article (story) pages on the websites are identical to Home Page and Section Fronts. Ad placements are identical on all pages for consistency. *
4. True or False: The GateHouse Media Portal is no longer needed now that the GateHouse LMS training website is live. *
5. Best guess (take a shot at it): According to a 2017 ComScore study, mobile useage now accounts for ____ out of every 10 minutes of digital usage. *
BONUS (Nothing to do with work) Question-Best answer please: name the 7 Dwarfs
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