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Thanks for being here! We're super keen to hear ideas from everyone! We're very interested to hear any ideas for things
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Not-So-Lucky Dip ideas
The Not-So-Lucky Dip will be a box of challenges and activities that Reuben and Elliot will randomly pick from every time someone donates a certain amount! We'd love any ideas for things to put in the box! Things like write a Pact haiku, sing a song... I dunno! Show us what you got!
Incentive (one time donation reward) ideas
Got an idea for a reward you'd like to receive for donating a certain amount? For example, having us read out something you write, or maybe forcing us to drink from the horrifying Forsworn Jug.
Milestone (total donation goal) ideas
Is there something you'd like to see us do when we reach a total donation amount? We've already got some things on our list, like Pact themed tattoos and special Poke episodes! But we wanna know what you might want us to do!
Any Other Ideas
Got any other ideas or things you wanna see? Throw them in here.
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