Alumni Award Nomination Form 2020
The Columbia Journalism School Alumni Awards are presented every year to distinguished graduates. The awards recognize an exemplary body of work or a single outstanding accomplishment in any journalism medium, a notable contribution to journalism education or achievements in related fields.

Alumni, faculty and staff of the Journalism School are encouraged to nominate living alumni who are journalists, journalism educators or who work in related fields and represent the best of the Journalism School's standards of high-impact journalism.

Instructions for nominations:
Please fill out the form below. You MUST submit a STATEMENT IN SUPPORT OF THE NOMINATION to tell us why you believe the person deserves the award. We will not consider nominations without the statement.
Please include links to their works or press releases about their work.

Your nomination will be stronger if you send in statements in support of the nomination from other alumni or people who know the nominee and their work. Please email the statements to All materials will be considered by the judges.

Nominations will be accepted until Monday, Oct. 7, 2019.

For a list of past winners, go here:
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