Magic Vessel Workshop @ Cactus Club
Monday Feb 10th 5-11 PM. Questions? Contact Becca via instagram @rottogrotto or
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What time do you plan on wanting to craft? (if you aren't sure when you'll make it, just pick your best guess.) obviously you are welcome to hang out as long as you want at Cactus after you're done =) *
Do you plan to bring your own "vessel" with you? (any clean glass or ceramic vase/bottle etc will work) *
Is your vessel big or small? Small = beer bottle size Large = liquor bottle size. *
Will you be bringing your own "embeddable objects" such as broken jewelry, tiles, pennies, bottle caps, coins, seashells, etc or will you need to use ours?
Please reserve a spot by sending payment to Becca via Venmo @Beka-Kacanda or PayPal using email Payment is sliding scale $5-$20. I ask that each person at least pay $5 to cover the cost of the adhesive, and then pay more depending on how much of my other materials you will be using. If you're not sure, you can always just pay $5 now and then drop some more dollars in the donation jar later on. In the form below, please let me know if you'll be paying via Venmo, PayPal, or Cash. Thanks so much for participating and I look forward to hanging out! <3 *
Feel free to include any other questions or comments below
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