Binance Vanilla Option Public Beta questionnaire
What types of options are you used to? *
Where do you think Vanilla Option is currently trading? *
What was your average monthly trading volume of options in the past about BTC? *
How much does your previous trading option be proportional to buyer and seller ratio? *
How long does your trading option preference expire? *
How long do you think that after exercising exercise is new fit? *
Are you trading options preference whether flat or virtual value options? *
Did you ever encounter ADL when you were seller of options? *
Do you know what obligations are required by option sellers? *
What is your option trading strategy? *
What do you think options products attract you most? *
Besides BTC ETH, What currencies are you hoping to offer? *
Do you know the Margin rules for Binance Vanilla Option sellers? Are you satisfied with the rule design? What do you suggest? *
What aspects do you think most about European options products? *
Are you satisfied with this open beta? *
Do you think that current experience results reach expectations? *
Do you have any comments on each link? *
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