Transforming a Dream
We are in the middle of a collective rite of passage that requires not simply that we change, but that we transform our way of being and thinking on this planet. The process of unfolding a greater world view is already underway in many parts of the world, and a path is being carved out by countless indigenous nations to show us the way.

In many old stories and myths, it is told that the seeds of renewal wait to be found precisely within the conditions of chaos and disorder that trouble the world. I believe our community is being called to a greater awakening and with that we will have a better sense of a soulful presence along with a lived purpose.

This evening we will focus on looking back to a time where the storytellers and medicine folk looked out into the darkness for answers. When the elders asked the youth for guidance, to share their song and dance. When the community came together, in the center, for support and ritual.

I believe wakening at this level of the heart and soul will leads to acts of truth and courage, but also to practices of devotion and sacred service.

• Recreating the world with dreams, stories and myth.
• Understanding our inner genius and purpose with service in the world
• Using creative practices that build youth-elder alliances
• Shaping rituals to handle conflicts and deepen community
Leader/Facilitator: Stephen Scheurich
Contact Info:
Day and Date(s): Monday, March 9
Time: 7 – 9 p.m.
Location: Fireside Room
Class Limit: Min. 6, Max. 25
Registration Required: No
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