Jewellery & Accessories Hunt 3- Store Applications
Jewellery & Accessories Hunt 3
1st - 31st March 2017

Theme - Bohemian
Applications Open: September 4th 2016
Applications Close: February 1st 2017
Hunt is for adults only as some items may not be PG.

Rules & Info:

1. Make sure to read all notecards carefully.
2. You must be in the inworld group - please have your profile searchable so that I can invite you.
3. The hunt will be made up of invited stores & public applications.
4. All participating stores must already have items relating to jewellery & accessories
5. The theme is Bohemian.
6. Accepted items: rings, piercings, necklaces, bangles/bracelets, roleplay jewellery/accessories, shoes, bags, eyewear/ eyes (as long as they include mesh eyes), hair items, avatar attachments - toys, shoulder pets etc
Please use your imagination! Go crazy! for inspiration check out my Pinterest

7. Unaccepted items: Clothing, furniture/ buildings, poses, textures, scripts
8. The hunt is unisex, therefore we need unisex items or seperate male & female items.
9. All hunt items must be your own! BIAB, resellers and stores breaking copyright infringement laws will be declined immediately.
10. You must not rename the hunt items.
11. Landmarks will not be in hunt items - slurls will be posted on the hunt blog and on an inworld notecard.
12. Hunt gifts will be free.
13. Templates are allowed however please make it look like you made it. Customise it yourself with textures that didn't come with the template.
14. If your store is at a mall, you will only be accepted if it is possible to set a direct landmark to your store.
15. Marketplace stores can apply! You will post your gift on your marketplace store with the name that you would use on the hunt prize if you were an inworld store.

If you have any questions or issues with any of the rules, please don't hesitate to contact me (Evelyn Hartshon) either via IM or email:

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