privacyIDEA User Survey 1/2018
Thank you for participating in the user survey. It will roughly take you 5 to 10 minutes to answer the survey.
You may answer in English or in German.

We created 4 groups of questions.

In the first group we just gather some facts, to know you a bit better.
In the second group we ask, how involved you are with privacyIDEA.
In the third group we are asking about your satisfaction and finally we are asking for your feedback about some planned features.

So by answering this survey you help us, to understand you, the user, better and also to work on a product, that always fits your needs.

Part 1: We want to know you better...
Where are you located?
Are you experienced with 2FA?
How did you hear about privacyIDEA? *
How would you describe your installation of privacyIDEA? *
For how long have you been using privacyIDEA?
For which scenario are you using privacyIDEA? *
On which distribution are you running privacyIDEA? *
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