Ad Club CT 2019 Hall of Fame
Who Can Be Nominated?

Nominations for the Ad Club CT Hall Of Fame are open to all current and past Ad Club of CT members, and employees of the Ad Club of CT member companies and organizations. The nominated individual must have been a member of the Ad Club of CT for at least 5 years. Ad Club members who have passed on may also be nominated. All nominations must be in keeping with the Advertising Club of Connecticut’s Mission and Vision.

Nomination Process – Rules & Regulations
> A panel will review all nominations and notify our inductees. The winners will be announced at the Ad Club of CT Annual Awards Show.
> All nominations must be in keeping with the Advertising Club of Connecticut’s Mission. Please fill out all information in the form and submit as noted below.

Ad Club | CT Mission Statement:
To promote the highest standards of excellence in advertising and marketing throughout the state, emphasizing professionalism, educational programs and seminars, networking, social media, scholastic mentoring, exchanging of ideas and the recognition of creative excellence.

The judging panel will be made up of the current Ad Club president, two past presidents and two committee members.

Multiple entries can by submitted by an individual.

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When nominating an individual for the Ad Club of CT Hall of Fame please choose one of the following categories:
Contributions *
Please provide a description of the significant contributions the nominated individual has made to the Advertising Club of Connecticut and/or to the CT advertising and marketing industry.
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How have these contributions impacted the Advertising Club of Connecticut?
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