Religious Education Registration 2021-2022
By filling out this registration form you are signing up your children for Religious Education for the 2021-2022 school year.

The costs for RE are as follows... 1st Student = $60, 2nd Student = $50, 3rd Student = $40. It's a parents option if they would like to continue adding payments for children after the first 3. Be aware that no one will be turned away due to an inability to pay for Religious Education. If paying is difficult for you contact the Faith Formation Office and inform them.

These payments will need to be made in person to the Church or Faith Formation Office. Payments can be done weekdays during business hours or Wednesday evenings during Religious Ed classes.

When filling this form out a second time for other children, first enter a parents first and last name then skip to the child's information. For second children the name of one parent is required so we can match the data of parents and children. Hopefully this will streamline the registration process.
Mother's Last Name
Mother's First Name
Mother's Email Address
Mother's Cell Phone
Mother's Street Address
Mother's Town
Mother's Zip Code
Is Mother Catholic, If "No" please list her faith, if any, under "other."
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Father's Last Name
Father's First Name
Father's Email Address
Father's Cell Phone
Father's Street Address (if different than mother.)
Father's Town (if different than mother.)
Father's Zip Code (if different than mother)
Is Father Catholic? If "No" please list his faith, if any, under "other."
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Who is best to contact?
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If either Mom or Dad are not Catholic and are interested in learning more about becoming Catholic note that below. Make sure to let Dcn Jody know who it is they should call and speak with. Talking to him doesn't mean your signing your life away and must choose to be Catholic after that conversation.
Preferred RE Session ***please note that Jr. High RE and Senior High Youth Group only happen at the later session.***
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Which parents are Virtus trained? Check All That Apply
Would either parent be interested in helping as a Catechist, Aide, or in any other capacity at St. Bernard? If so who is interested in helping and how would they like to help?
Emergency Contact #1 Name
Emergency Contact #1 Relationship to Child
Emergency Contact #1 Phone Number
Emergency Contact #2 Name
Emergency Contact #2 Relationship to Child
Emergency Contact #2 Phone Number
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